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top eleven hack 2019

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Top eleven hack 2019

TOP ELEVEN Hack | Cheats unlimited

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Top Eleven or Manager of football, since it came out in its first versions did not leave much to be desired, but was improving and became a very good version, which is the new sports management where players control the dream team. You will be able to manage virtually every aspect of it, in both on the field.

This application allows you to adjust your training and tactics, attract new players and renew each other’s contracts, and even manage training sessions. Players will be injured and suspended and you will have to react accordingly. You will compete in a league against other real players and matches will happen in real time; which means that games are scheduled for specific dates and times.

Top eleven hack 2019

TOP ELEVEN Hack 2019

Since you don’t actually control the team while they play a game, it’s not a big deal if you miss a match, but it does mean that moving through a season takes quite some time. Fortunately there is much more to do while sitting at your manager’s desk. Economics is an essential part of professional sports, and Top Eleven is no exception.

In addition to negotiating contracts and transfer fees, he will also deal with signing sponsorship agreements and television contracts. And these are important, as more money gives you a better chance to further improve your team. But again, some aspects can be agonizingly slow. Renovating your stadium, for example, can take weeks of real time.

The goal is for your player signing to lead the team to win as many games as possible against other Top Eleven players, until they win the championship in a regular season. In addition, league matches will be counted on and friendships will be arranged with our friends to compare the abilities and skills of our teams to measure who is the best coach. These addictive games of soccer self-management are the best we can find today.

In order to play we only need a Facebook account to be able to log in to the games. On October 16, 2016 Top Eleven 2017 (version 5.0) was released, available for all platforms, Android and web browser. For which we present the following changes:


  • New game materials and music were incorporated.
  • The new competition was constantly active.
  • Now only 64 clubs participate in this super tournament. More fun and better presentations.
  • The prizes present an exponential increase according to their level of completion.
  • The Rules icon on the Associations screen has a new design. Enhancements to the screenshot enlargement.


  • It is now possible to join these matches through the Local menus or through the Live Match tab (bouncing ball icon).
  • When watching Associations matches, you will see how the animation plays correctly.
  • Improved image on the shield of the flag of the Czech Republic.
  • We have corrected the distorted texts in the Finances section that appear in the Wizard Report.
  • Fully corrected the duplicate auction entries in the Wizard Report.
  • Fixed a problem with the sharpness of the playing field on the screen Template constantly present on Samsung devices with Android 6. TOP ELEVEN is largely a text game and menus, but it is still a relatively attractive experience. The menus are elegant and intuitive, and you’ll see the icons magnify as you hover your mouse over them.
  • It would be nice if you had a little more control over your team logo and uniform customization options are quite limited.
  • But there are also some clean touches, such as when you change your sweater to reflect that new sponsorship agreement you just signed. Like real football, Top Eleven requires patience

The process of taking your team from the bottom of the league to winning prestige cups is not something that happens overnight. Instead, it is the result of a series of smart decisions made over the course of weeks, perhaps even more. And that’s what makes it so great. The depth is quite incredible, making Top Eleven possibly the best choice for your own personal success.

Remember, only you can take your team and experience to the top!

Top eleven hack 2019

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