How to Hack Mobile Legends (iOS/Android) Hack 2019

Are you ready to win again in the mobile legends? Ready to dominate the battlefield and get all the power there is? It gets better and you’re in the right place because this detailed guide will show you how to get free mobile legends Gems.

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About Mobile Legends

Mobile legends: Bang Bang Bang is a 5 vs. 5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed and played on mobile phones. The game also has its pc version called league of legends and are the most played games today, with more than 100 million players. Around the world monthly.

The two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own base by controlling a path to win. The three “SMOOTH” known as “UP”, “MID” and “DOWN”, which connect the bases to each other. Weaker computer-controlled characters, called “minions,” are played on team bases and follow the three lanes to the base of the opposing team, fighting enemies and turrets.

Tricks to earn mobile legends and be better

  • Things to do in the game There are many things to do in the game and I would recommend, that you complete the daily tasks and events to get more rewards. You can gain experience, skin fragments, hero fragments, magic dust, battle points, different types of emblems, test cards, tickets and certain heroes for free.
  • Control settings  Use the motion wheel to move your hero and the skill wheels to launch your skills. You should be familiar with it after the first 3 tutorials of the game. Once you have finished with the tutorials, you must access the controls settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There are 3 settings that you may want to set.
  • Pointing Method Advanced Target (recommended for advanced players), Auto Aim (you can change your target manually in battle)
  • Chat and communicate It’s not as convenient to type as using a PC keyboard. So it’s very important to set up the battlefield chat to communicate with your computer in the game. You can use up to 7 custom chats configured by the system. Too bad you can’t customize it with your own words. But still, it’s more effective than typing for quick communication.
  • Daily tasks The first thing you must do each day when logging in to the game is to complete the “REWARD” tab. Medal Chest. The medals you win in matches give you medal points. Earn 10 points to unlock a Medal Chest once a day.
  • Free breast  Free breast available every 4 hours. Stackable up to 2 times. Which means you can collect one free breast every 4 hours, and don’t worry. About missing one when you’re sleeping because you can collect two breasts at a time after you wake up.
  • Daily Rewards A list of tasks you can do to earn experience points and daily activity. These tasks are reset every 24 hours.
Mobile Legends hack

Tricks to get free Mobile Legends gems.

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